summer whitefish


July - August

We’ll give you all of our expert knowledge in detail upon your arrival. But for now, here’s a snapshot:

  • When mayflies hatch, whitefish move out of the rivers and stay just below the surface to feed on mayflies (typically first two weeks of July)

  • Mayfly hatch is a great time for fly fisherman!

  • When fly fishing: whitefish like to see a mayfly stationary with circular movement. Leave your fly stationary and spin your rod a few times with your finger-tips. The heavy fly line will spin with the rod and, if your lead line is not too long, it will spin too and make the fly flop around.

  • In early summer, catch whitefish on the surface with small spinners, 1/16 oz jigs, tiny Rapalas or put a mayfly or waxworm on a hook with a small float and cast off the dock

  • After the mayfly hatch, whitefish go deep (50-60 feet); troll or jig for deep whitefish

  • Summer technique #1: jig deep water with a tiny jig and a piece of waxworm or dew worms

  • Summer technique #2: use a three-way swivel system with a Zero Mepps or Blue Fox and troll very slow in about 60 feet of water. You’ll likely catch some nice lake trout in the process!

High 76° F
Low 57° F
High 74° F
Low 56° F
  • Flies to mimic mayflies

  • Small spinners

  • 1/16 oz jigs

  • Tiny Rapalas

  • Mayflies

  • Waxworms

  • Small hooks and floats

  • Zero Mepps (with 3-way swivel system)

  • Blue Fox (with 3-way swivel system)

If you forget something, we’ve got you covered with our on-site tackle shop!


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