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Border Now Open to Fully Vaccinated Americans

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

The Canadian border is now open to fully vaccination Americans, with proof of vaccination and negative COVID-19 test. Read all the details on crossing the border.


Sept. 9-14: Pike

Sept 13-18: Eagle

Sept 21-Oct 2: Wolf


Above are all photos from August and September of 2020. Here's a snipit from our 2020 Fall Newsletter regarding fall fishing last year:

"THE HIGHLIGHTS FOR US were fishing both smallmouth bass and lake trout in late fall. Of course this is also an excellent time to target trophy pike, but this year our sights were set on better understanding where the bass are in Big Sandy Lake when temperatures drop and the cold weather sets in. This was also our first year to track the lake trout progression from pre-spawn to post-spawn. We always had an affinity for the fall fishing at Pine Cliff for the high probability at breaking the 40” barrier as the big northerns take over the shallows, but I would be remiss if I didn’t say the smallmouth and lake trout fishing is second to none in the second half of September. For those that prefer power fishing for bass, this is your chance. The bass are actively feeding on smelt around the shallow boulder reefs and windblown points with deep water nearby, and the lake trout are using these same areas for their spawning grounds. The fall is a great opportunity to experience world-class fishing for all three game fish species targeted at Pine Cliff Lodge."



If you like wild game, you'll find that it doesn't get tastier than a black bear harvested after a summer of filling his belly with sweet wild berries. Somewhere between beef and pork, black bear is easily our favorite way to fill the freezer. Hunting these majestic creatures is an incredible experience to be valued with the utmost respect.

FALL 2021 is SOLD OUT so contact us ASAP if you'd like to book in 2022.


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