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Lake trout


Mid June – August

We’ll give you all the expert knowledge in detail upon your arrival, including a map marked with all the fishing hot spots. But for now, here’s a snapshot:

  • Since lake trout prefer colder temperatures, the majority of summer trout are caught 35 to 55 feet down in 60 to 100 feet of water

  • Use fish finders to locate lake trout suspending and feeding in deep water

  • Lake trout look up to feed, so lures should be five to 15 feet above the fish located on fish finders

  • Trolling anglers: clip lures (such as flutter spoons) to provided downriggers and lower lines to 35 to 55 feet depth. Trigger strikes by using a zigzag trolling pattern and varying boat speed

  • Anglers may also locate fish near the lake bottom and jig for lake trout (see below for lure recommendations)

Late June
High 73° F
Low 54° F
July - August
High 76° F
Low 57° F

For deep trolling and jigging in the summer, we recommend blue, green, purple, white, silver or gold-colored lures.

  • Williams Wabler Spoon (½ oz)

  • ProKing Spoon

  • Northport Nailer Spoon

  • Luhr-Jensen-J-Plug (3”)

  • Luhr-Jensen Kwikfish (K7)

  • Flutter spoons for trolling (lighter and thinner than normal casting spoons)

  • Jigging spoons for jigging (thicker and heavier than normal casting spoons)

  • Bucktail jigs (1-3oz)

  • Lead-headed jigs with plastic grubs (1-3oz)

  • Slab spoons (1-2oz)

  • Blue Fox Torpedo Spoon (3”) in red and white (at 50 feet, red appears black and the trout are attracted to the white or silver backside)

  • Wire Leaders (6” to 12” length. 20# to 30# test)

If you forget something, we’ve got you covered with our on-site tackle shop!

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