Lake trout


Mid June – August

We’ll give you all the expert knowledge in detail upon your arrival, including a map marked with all the fishing hot spots. But for now, here’s a snapshot:

  • Since lake trout prefer colder temperatures, the majority of summer trout are caught 35 to 55 feet down in 60 to 100 feet of water

  • Use fish finders to locate lake trout suspending and feeding in deep water

  • Lake trout look up to feed, so lures should be five to 15 feet above the fish located on fish finders

  • Trolling anglers: clip lures (such as flutter spoons) to provided downriggers and lower lines to 35 to 55 feet depth. Trigger strikes by using a zigzag trolling pattern and varying boat speed

  • Anglers may also locate fish near the lake bottom and jig for lake trout (see below for lure recommendations)

Late June
High 73° F
Low 54° F
July - August
High 76° F
Low 57° F

For deep trolling and jigging in the summer, we recommend blue, green, purple, white, silver or gold-colored lures.

  • Williams Wabler Spoon (½ oz)

  • ProKing Spoon

  • Northport Nailer Spoon

  • Luhr-Jensen-J-Plug (3”)

  • Luhr-Jensen Kwikfish (K7)

  • Flutter spoons for trolling (lighter and thinner than normal casting spoons)

  • Jigging spoons for jigging (thicker and heavier than normal casting spoons)

  • Bucktail jigs (1-3oz)

  • Lead-headed jigs with plastic grubs (1-3oz)

  • Slab spoons (1-2oz)

  • Blue Fox Torpedo Spoon (3”) in red and white (at 50 feet, red appears black and the trout are attracted to the white or silver backside)

  • Wire Leaders (6” to 12” length. 20# to 30# test)

If you forget something, we’ve got you covered with our on-site tackle shop!


Pine Cliff Lodge is the only lodge located on 10,000 acre Big Sandy Lake. With no other commercial access, anglers often feel they have the entire lake to themselves.

A premier Canadian fishing lodge for outdoor enthusiasts, Pine Cliff Lodge offers a remote, world-class fishing experience.


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