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lake trout



We’ll give you all of our expert knowledge in detail upon your arrival. But for now, here’s a snapshot:

  • Lake trout spawn on the shallow rock reefs when water drops to 52° or colder

  • Spawn typically occurs the last week of September

  • During the spawn, anglers see lake trout swimming at the surface and beneath their boats on shallow reefs (and you can catch them on just about any lure in your tackle box!)

  • Lake trout season ends September 30

Early September
High 67° F
Low 50° F
Late September
High 60° F
Low 44° F

During the spawn, you can catch lakers with just about any lure in your tackle box. Cast and reel any of the lures recommended below:

  • Williams Wabler Spoon – ½ oz (any color)

  • ProKing Spoon – regular (any color)

  • Northport Nailer Spoon (any color)

  • Luhr-Jensen-J-Plug – 3" (any color)

  • Luhr-Jensen Kwikfish – K7 (any color)

  • Bucktail Jig – 1 oz to 3 oz (any color)

  • Leadhead Jig with Plastic Grub – 1 oz to 3 oz (any color)

  • Slab Spoons – 1 oz to 2 oz (any color)

  • Blue Fox Torpedo Spoon – 3" (any color)

  • Wire Leaders (6” to 12” length. 20# to 30# test)

If you forget something, we’ve got you covered with our on-site tackle shop!

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