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summer Smallmouth

bass fishing 

July – Mid August

We’ll give you all of our expert knowledge in detail upon your arrival. But for now, here’s a snapshot:

  • Mayflies typically hatch around the first week of July

  • Late June to mid-July are GREAT for top-water action, as smallies are looking up for mayflies (fly fishermen, take note!)

  • Mayfly hatch ends the post-spawn and starts the most active period for smallmouth bass fishing

  • Crayfish molt begins mid-July and holds smallmouth bass in 6 feet of water or less until mid-August

  • During the crayfish molt, smallmouth are typically looking down, so use soft plastics on a lead-headed jig or worm hook and swim near the bottom

  • Since our lake is clear, many anglers site-fish for smallmouth in the summer

High 76° F
Low 57° F
High 74° F
Low 56° F
  • Panfish popper

  • Manns Baby Minus 1 in bone color (cast in less than 2 feet of water on rocky shorelines)

  • Rapala Skitter Pops size 7 (silver/black)

  • Rebel Pop-R size 2" or 2 1/2" (Tennessee shad color)

  • Strike King Spit N King size 3/8 oz (bad-to-the-bone color)

  • Soft Plastic Tubes – 3" (any color)

  • Soft Plastic Grubs – 2" and 3" (any color)

  • Soft Plastic Flukes – 3" and 4" (any color)

If you forget something, we’ve got you covered with our on-site tackle shop!

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