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Spring smallmouth bass Fishing 

Late May – June

We’ll give you all of our expert knowledge in detail upon your arrival. But for now, here’s a snapshot:

  • Ice-out typically occurs the 2nd week of May

  • Fishing season begins the 3rd Saturday in May

  • Smallies stage in 15 to 20 feet of water until the water warms enough to spawn

  • Smallmouth spawn is typically the last week of May through mid-JunThis far north, smallmouth bass spawn every 2-3 years (so not all smallies are in shallow spawning areas)

  • Smallmouth feed on smelt, primarily in the open water adjacent to shallow-water rock structures

  • Swim lures near the bottom and close to spawning beds

  • Suspend soft plastics where smelt are suspended

  • Biggest mistakes for smallmouth anglers in the spring: fishing too deep or swimming baits too fast

Late May
High 67° F
Low 44° F
High 72° F
Low 52° F
  • Flukes/swimbaits with ¼ oz jig head: Swimmin Fluke Jr. (color: smokin shad, white ice, white pearl), Big Bite Baits 3.5” Cane Thumper (white/silver shad colors)

  • Berkley PowerBait Realistix 3" Smelt or Black Shad with ¼ oz jig head (suspend about six feet down over 15-20 feet of water and slowly drift over bass to mimic smelt)

  • Surface popper with a silver or white bottom to imitate dead smelt

If you forget something, we’ve got you covered with our on-site tackle shop!

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