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We have an Ontario fishing lodge that offers world class trophy northern pike fishing and trophy smallmouth bass fishing along with fishing for giant lake trout. We would like to describe vacations at our Ontario fishing lodge on Sandybeach Lake that let you enjoy the beauty of our wilderness and make memories of a lifetime.


Why Choose Pine Cliff Lodge As Your Ontario Canada Fishing Lodge?

We will explain why you should choose our Northern Ontario fishing lodge over all the other outfitters. The reasons hundreds of our guests choose our Ontario fishing lodge may make your choice easier.

New for 2015, is our fleet of 2015 Xpress 20'3" center console model "H20B" boats powered by Yamaha 50hp outboards. The most popular style of boat being sold is a center console, but no fishing lodges in central Canada use them. Pine Cliff Lodge is very proud and excited to be the first lodge to provide their customers a center console boat with each fishing package and without an extra upgrade charge.


These brand names spell quality and we pride ourselves on providing the best fishing boat and boating equipment, for our guests, out of any Canadian fishing lodge.

The "Rolls Royce" in an all-welded aluminum boat is being built by Xpress Boats and has been since 1966. We chose the center console with the hyper-lift hull to handle big water with a smooth steady ride, unbelievable turning, and it provides a lightning fast hole shot. Every boat is loaded with equipment to make your fishing trip more enjoyable. More details about our boats and boating equipment are available in our boats section of this website. Remember that choosing a fishing lodge with basic or minimal equipment can rob you of quality fishing and keep you from attaining your Canadian fishing dream trip. The bottom line is, your boat choice is next in importance behind lake choice in your search for the best Canadian fishing lodge. So, let us discuss lake choice next.


You want to catch fish while northern pike fishing and smallmouth bass fishing on your Canadian fishing trip. This may seem obvious, but many fishermen handicap themselves by starting their adventure by choosing an over-fished lake. The more remote and the least pressured a lake is; the better the northern pike fishing or the smallmouth bass fishing.

Sandybeach Lake at 10,000 acres is one of the most remote large drive-to lakes in Ontario, Canada. Some Ontario fishing lodges state they are the only lodge on the lake, but they have public boat ramps and private cabins that provide heavy fishing pressure on their lake.

On Sandybeach Lake, there is one private cabin that may have a boat on the lake and about 25 fishermen at our lodge. You will not find drive-to lakes the size of Sandybeach Lake with such restrictive access.

Our Canadian fishing lodge provides the remoteness you thought was only available by flying into a remote lake. Do not travel all the way to a Canada fishing lodge to miss out on the world-class fishing a remote location can provide.

Choose an Ontario fishing lodge like Pine Cliff Lodge that is remote and is a first class fishery where you can experience the trophy northern pike fishing and trophy smallmouth bass fishing of a lifetime. Checkout the Master Angler and Trophy Fish list to compare our guests success to the action on the lake you currently fish.

If you are looking for the opportunity to catch a trophy northern pike or trophy smallmouth bass, you definitely want to choose Pine Cliff Lodge.

In 2001, one of our guest, Brian Barnes of Derby, Kansas, caught and released a 53 " northern pike and set a 12 pound line class world record. His northern pike was inch short of the All Tackle World Record of 54".


Sandybeach Lake produces between 20% to 60% more trophy northern pike and trophy smallmouth bass each year compared to the previous year. This is not a lake where guests are heard saying "The northern pike fishing or smallmouth bass fishing was better 10, 15, or 20 years ago on this lake".

We believe this improvement in fishing is a result of our catch-and-release rules, implemented in 1996, for trophy size fish and the introduction of smelt on the lake around 1985. (Smelt are plentiful and easy baitfish for our gamefish, when they would normally be less active during the winter months; therefore, our pike and bass are putting on weight in the winter and not losing weight as is common on most lakes.).

The improvement in trophy smallmouth bass fishing is proving to be most impressive. We are seeing the number of trophy smallmouth bass increase each year, but more exciting is the increase in length and weight.


Have you been fishing a lake where you have the opportunity to catch a 5,6,7, or even 8 pound smallmouth bass? The Canadian Record Smallmouth Bass is 9 pounds 13.5 ounces. Our fisherman routinely report very large smallmouth bass suspended near their 6 and 7 pound bass. I believe one of these big bass will be caught on Sandybeach Lake and the next Canadian Record Smallmouth Bass will be held by a Pine Cliff Lodge guest. The largest smallmouth bass in 2010 was a 23" bass caught by Warren Phillips of Maryland, a fly-fishermen.

If you want a chance at having a Canadian or possibly a World Record Smallmouth Bass, you need to book a fishing trip with us.

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Modern Log Cabins, Beautiful Views & Well Maintained Grounds


At the end of a great day of northern pike fishing and smallmouth bass fishing in Canada, it is nice to come back to a comfortable log cabin.

Our cabins are considered "lady friendly". This means they are modernized with hot/cold water, electricity, bathrooms, fully equipped kitchens, and nice beds.

We have five log cabins and one frame cabin that can sleep from two to eight people. To give you "an old-time Canadian wilderness experience", we spent considerable monies modernizing our 60 plus year old log cabins.

The cabins contain framed art, metal artwork lamps, tapestries, and some animal skin rugs and fish mounts to add to the feel of a wilderness cabin. Guests comment that our grounds are prettier and better maintained than the provincial parks. Our grounds are the most picturesque of any in the region. Come see the beauty of Pine Cliff Lodge.

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The Dream Canadian Fishing Trip

When you choose Pine Cliff Lodge, you get an Ontario fishing lodge on a beautiful remote drive-to lake, where it is easy to catch trophy size fish while northern pike fishing or smallmouth bass fishing, with great boats, nice log cabin and a very reasonable price. This is the Ontario fishing lodge where your Canadian fishing dreams can come true.

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Master Angler and Trophy Fish List

In 2014 our guests caught & released 1330 trophies compared to 1049 trophies in 2013. At our lodge we ask our guests to keep a record of their catches that qualify as Trophy and Master Angler size fish. In 2012, our guests caught and released 879 trophies. In 2010, our guests caught and released 748 trophies. The largest northern pike in 2010 was 48" and caught by first-time guest, Fred Shadrick of Michigan. The largest smallmouth bass in 2010 was 23" and caught by first-time guest and a fly-fisherman, Warren Phillips of Maryland. Their big fish and other guests with big fish are listed in this website to give you an idea of the quality fishing available at our Ontario fishing lodge. To get in on all the trophy fish action come visit us for a trip of a lifetime in Ontario.

See the latest big fish on Master Angler & Trophy Fish List

You're ready to book a trip, but you do not know when you want to come up; what do you do? If you are concerned with the weather, look at our Weather Averages section and find out what the normal temperatures are for the time you are considering. You will find the temperatures are usually very nice and you have a great chance to escape the heat. Note that most of the summer it averages about 75 degrees and consistent weather generally means consistent fishing. Look at our sections on Northern Pike Fishing and Smallmouth Bass Fishing to learn about the differences in making a trip in the spring, summer, or late summer and fall. In these sections you will learn when these species spawn, when northern pike move to weed beds, when smallmouth bass can be caught on top-water, when smallmouth bass move to deep water, what lures work best on Sandybeach Lake, and more helpful information on fishing at our Ontario fishing lodge.



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