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We provide the best equipped rental fishing boat to our guests of any Canadian fishing lodge. A guest must be 18 years or older to operate a boat and sign a "Rental Boating Safety Checklist" and provide credit card information (VISA or MasterCard) accepting responsibility for damages. The "RBSC" acts as a temporary boater safety card and is required by the Canadian Coast Guard for guests operating a boat owned by an Canadian fishing lodge.


Our guests have a floating dock to ensure easy access to your boat and to the lake. The dock has a non-skid plastic decking attached to a galvanized frame. The dock has a four feet wide walkway and ramp that makes the dock and boat accessible to handicap guests with mobile scooters. Each boat slip has an electric outlet available for charging batteries.

Our lodge does not have a boat ramp suitable to launch guest's own boats.

An Xpress Boats 20'3" center console boat with a 50hp Yamaha outboard is included in every fishing package at Pine Cliff Lodge. The typical rental boat at most Canadian lodges is a 14 or 16 foot V-bottom aluminum utility boat with wooden or aluminum bench seats, powered by a 9.9hp or 15hp outboard, and includes a set of oars, anchor, and a plastic jug to bail your boat. The standard rental 20' boat at our Ontario fishing lodge would be an upgrade at most lodges, but we want you to have a boat that is safe, comfortable, and fully equipped for an enjoyable fishing vacation.

Your host, Richard, is a fisherman and knows the kind of boat and boating equipment you need to make the most of your fishing vacation. At our Ontario fishing lodge, you get it all standard at no additional cost; while other fishing lodges might charge an additional $250 or more per day for boats not as nice as ours or equipped as nice as ours.

Every boat is loaded with top-of-the-line boating equipment. The most important piece of equipment you want on your rental boat is a fish finder. A Lowrance Elite-4x HDI is mounted on the bow of each boat. Located on the center console is a Lowrance Elite-5 CHIRP Gold fish finder. CHIRP, Compressed High Intensity Radar Pulse, is the latest sonar technology available from Lowrance. CHIRP sonar uses multiple frequencies at once instead of a single frequency signal. Our sonar uses a transducer for "High CHIRP" which is best for tracking smaller objects and "Medium CHIRP" which is best for wide coverage. This means you get greater sensitivity, improved target resolution, superior noise rejection, and easy-to-use bait fish and game fish target identification, along with all the features of Lowrance's HDI technology including down scan imaging. The transducer is an 83/200 + 455/800 kHz transducer.

Unfortunately, fish finders are not great at showing fish in shallow water, but they are great at displaying water depth and structure. The angler needs to know water depth to stay out of the rocks in order to avoid damage to the boat and motor. The submerged weed beds grow in 6 to 15 feet of water; therefore, you need to know your depth to fish the weed structure that northern pike favor. You will only use a fish finder to locate lake trout or whitefish when fishing deep water.

On the bow of each boat is a MinnKota Riptide SP55/CP trolling motor with a Co-pilot remote control. The remote control "fob", worn on your wrist, can control the trolling motor from any position in the boat. The trolling motors are powered by a Series 31 deep cycle battery on a 12v system. Both the trolling motor battery and starting battery are maintained by a Guest 36202 20amp 2-bank battery charger. This charger has an alternator power module to continuously charge the trolling motor battery while the outboard motor is running.

On the bow beside the trolling motor is a Trac 35# anchor winch. This is an electric winch for the anchor with 100 feet of anchor rope. The winch keeps the anchor and rope away from your feet and lures.

Located behind the driver's seat and on the rear deck is a large live-well. A ruler, to measure fish, is attached to the deck. In front of the center console under the seat, a bait-well is located for those occasional anglers using live minnows.

There are two rod holders on the rear deck for installing our Cannon Uni-Troll downriggers. An angler can obtain a downrigger from the fish cleaning building and easily place it into the rod holder. The gimbals, attached to the downrigger, simply slides into the rod holder.

There are six vertical rod holders located on the sides of the center console for storing rods. There is an 8 foot long rod locker located on each side of the boat for additional rod storage. Another storage area is accessed at the rear of the front deck. Two more storage areas are located under the two jump seats on the rear deck. Oars, life jackets, throw-line, flashlight, flares, fire extinguisher and any other safety equipment will be found in these storage compartments. There is a large landing net in each boat as well.

A ladder is installed on the transom of the boat to assist in re-boarding, if an unplanned or planned swim in the lake occurs. In our cold water, this can be a life saver.

Xpress Boats builds a comfortable boat with a large flat casting deck on both the front and rear deck. A euro-style pedestal seat is located on each deck. Another pedestal seat is located in the driver's position of the center console. Two fold-down jump seats are located at the front side of the rear deck. A seat is located on the top of the bait-well in front of the center console.

You can control the boat with a steering wheel and a throttle control with power tilt for the motor. I know that the majority of our anglers were confused when they operated a tiller-controlled outboard with our old boats.

The design layout of this boat allows an angler fighting a big fish to move from one end of the boat to the other end with ease. This is the advantage of having the driver's console located in the center of the boat. This layout is the reason for the popularity of a center console boat for fishermen targeting large fish.

A 6 inch jack plate is attached to the transom and the 50hp Yamaha outboard. The jack plate offsets the engine further back from the transom/hull and allows the engine to run in less turbulent water. This also allows the motor to be raised 6 inches higher. This improves the efficiency of the motor, thus increasing top end speed. The motor can operate in shallower water, resulting in less chance of damaging the prop or motor. We do not want you to operate the outboard in less than 9 feet of water, but it is nice to know you are less likely to hit rocks if you unknowingly get too shallow. Our old boats had clearance depth of 29 inches from waterline to the bottom of the engine skeg. These new Xpress Boats are larger and made from 50% thicker aluminum and weigh 50% more than our old boats, but they have a clearance of 25 inches.

The Competition

Pine Cliff Lodge

The "best standard rental boat in Canada" is just another reason to pick Pine Cliff Lodge for your next Canadian fishing trip. Honestly, no lodge offers you a standard boat (no extra charges for optional equipment) anywhere close to our package pricing, that is comparable in comfort, equipment, safety, and fish-ability. They offer you a "Ford Pinto" and we supply you with a "Rolls Royce". Xpress Boats H20B center console boat is loaded with features and deserves to be called the "Rolls Royce" of aluminum boats.


Yes, we get guests new to fishing and boating at our Ontario fishing lodge. The process involved in completing the "RBSC" described earlier is to ensure anglers who are unfamiliar with boating or the rental boat, gain enough knowledge to safely operate a boat. Do not let boat skills keep you from experiencing a fishing vacation at our Ontario fishing lodge.

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