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Northern Pike Fly Fishing


In the spring, northern pike are normally caught in less than 3 feet of water at creek inlets where white and red suckers are spawning. The water at the creeks is muddy or stained due to the spring runoff caused by melting snow. Bait fish will be migrating into the creeks to feed on sucker eggs. Northern pike will be staging at creek mouths to feed on suckers and bait fish during this three to four week period. The northern pike in Sandybeach Lake feed on smelt in deep water all winter. In the spring, smelt are near the surface or in shallow water due to the cold water after ice-out. Even though the pike are feeding on suckers, bait fish, and smelt, the pike key on anything looking like a smelt. I like white or silver flies about 4" in length. I may throw other colors, but white most of the time.

The spring is the only time wading is productive. If you choose to wade, I would recommend insulated waders for the cold water. Our 20'3" Xpress Boats center console boats with large casting decks on the front and rear are great for fly fishing from the boat. Check out the boat section of this website for more information on these great boats. The spring is the most effective fly fishing time for northern pike on Sandybeach Lake. By the middle of June, this spring feeding pattern is over and the summer pattern starts.


The rest of the season the clear water on Sandybeach Lake provides the fly-fisherman a great opportunity to go northern pike fishing. Pike can easily be raised to strike at surface flies from their normal habitat of less than 15 feet of water. From the middle of June until the northern pike go deep in the fall, pike will be found in the submerged weed beds on Sandybeach Lake. The weed beds grow in six to fifteen feet of water. Your host, Richard, will provied you a lake map identifying all of the major weed beds.

Color, flash, and movement attract northern pike; therefore, you should choose flies that have these attributes. Remember the clear water means these flies can be fished within a foot of the surface.

Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing


First, read the tips section of "Smallmouth Bass Fishing" in this website. From my tips comments, you know bass will be spawning in shallow water and feeding on smelt. I would recommend you use flies like a Cone Head Articulated Bunny Leech, white color, size #8 (about 4" in length), and containing a trailer hook. This fly is a great imitation of the smelt in Sandybeach Lake. The trailer hook helps with the short strikes you can expect from bass on a 4" fly. Northern pike are always around; therefore, I recommend a TyGer leader.


From the tips section I referred to above, you know the summer season starts with the may-fly hatch. These are the large green drakes over an inch in length. The drakes are an olive green in color. In the "flies" section below, you will find a number of imitations of green drakes. The may-flies are being blown into the windy shorelines, so you should concentrate on water less than three feet deep, right up to the shore line.

After the may-fly hatch, the smallmouth bass will be feeding on crawfish, leeches, and minnows. This is the time in our season where your typical bass flies from home will work in Canada.

If you are looking for fly-fishing tackle, here are some suggestions.

Flyfishing for Northern Pike

Reel:Sage, Domain 10, 9-10 wt.
Sage, Model 4210, 9-10 wt.

Fly Rod:Sage, Pike Model, 10 wt., 9', 4 piece
Sage, Bass II Peacock, 390 gr, 7'11", 4 piece

Fly Line:Rio, Pike/Musky WF10F, 400 gr, Float
Sage, Bass II Taper

Leader:Rio, Pike/Musky Tapered Leader
Cortland, Toothy Critter Tie-able Tapered
, 30 lb .019 Knottable Stainless Steel Leader

Flies:Available from Miller's Fly Shop
Dahlberg Rabbit Strip Diver #1/0
Cone Head Articulated Bunny Leech #8
Cone Head Bunny Zonker #2
Galloup's Articulated Boogie Man #4
Bunny Bird Baitfish #1/0
Bunny Hillow #1/0
Bouface #2

Flyfishing Smallmouth Bass

Reel:Sage, Domain 5, 5-6 wt.
Sage, Model 4250, 5-6 wt.

Fly Rod:Sage, Bass II Smallmouth, 290 gr, 7'11", 4 piece
Sage, Response 690-4/691-4, 6 wt., 9', 4 piece

Fly Line:Sage, Bass II Taper
Rio, Smallmouth Bass, WF6F, Float
Rio, 24 ft, Sinking Tip, 6-20232, Sink

Leader:Rio, Bass Tapered Leader
Cortland, Precision Bass Leader
TyGer, 15 lb .014 Knottable Stainless Steel Leader

Flies:Available from Miller's Fly Shop
Head Articulated Bunny Leech #8
Mercer's Poxyback Green Drake #8
Kaufmann Stimulator #6 Olive
Murray's Strymph #6 Olive & Tan
Helms Deer Hair Popper #6 Tan/Yellow/Grizzly
Fruit Cocktail Deer Hair Popper #6 Green/White
Bunny Crayfish Weighted #4 Brown & Black
Conehead Krystal Rubber Leg Woolly Bugger #6 Orange & Brown

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