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Main Lodge

Our Ontario Fishing Lodge located on Sandybeach Lake consists of the main lodge, five log cabins, and one frame cabin with log siding. Your hosts, Richard and Kaylene, live in the main lodge. The main lodge does not have an area for social gathering or a bar for serving drinks. When guests arrive at Pine Cliff they will check-in at the main lodge. The check-in process includes signing our guest register, paying for your stay, review and signing of the Boater Safety Checklist, and an overview of the lake map showing where to fish for each species. Our guests are then shown their cabin and then to the dock for their boat assignment and a review of the boat and its equipment. A tackle shop is also located in the main lodge should you require any additional lures for the trophy northern pike fishing and trophy smallmouth bass fishing that Pine Cliff Lodge is known to produce. Check out our web pages on the world-class fishing vacation you can experience at our Ontario fishing lodge on Sandybeach Lake. Our website was designed to answer most of your questions such as:

  • How affordable is a fishing trip to Pine Cliff Lodge? Rates

  • What kind of fish can we find on Sandybeach Lake and what can you tell me about fishing? Fishing

  • How do we get to Pine Cliff Lodge? Location

  • What are the temperatures at the Lodge during the summer? Weather Averages

  • What kind of boat do we get at the Lodge? Boats

  • What do previous guests have to say about their experience at Pine Cliff Lodge? Customer Comments

    PHONE SERVICE: There are no telephones in the cabins and no cell phone service where we are located. On the deck of the main lodge is a pay phone for customers to use to call back home. We have prepaid phone cards available for purchase. We now have Wi-Fi available for guests who bring their lap top computers that are wireless compatible. Wi-Fi access is only available close to the deck of the lodge and is not available in the cabins. We do not provide a computer for guests to use.

    WATER: Our water system pumps water from Sandybeach Lake. The water is then run through three water filters down to 1 micron to remove impurities. Then the water is disinfected by an ultra-violet disinfection system. The water then receives a secondary disinfection by a chlorine injection system. The chlorine levels are checked each day and samples of our water are sent to an approved lab to verify water purity. The water should be better than your water at home.

    ELECTRICITY: Pine Cliff Lodge is located 15 miles from the nearest electric lines; therefore, our electrical source is a 15KW diesel generator. The generator operates 24 hours per day and we have a 15KW backup generator to ensure electricity to your cabin. The generators provide the same 110 volt power you receive from your outlet at home. Each bedroom has an outlet for those guests with sleep aid devices.

    PROPANE: The cabins at our Ontario fishing lodge have propane heaters, hot water heaters, and stoves. Outside of each cabin are propane barbecue grills and fish fryers.


    Our Ontario fishing lodge has modern and comfortable cabins that are considered "lady friendly". The cabins and their contents are kept in first class condition. This is not one of those run-down fishing camps where the contents look like they were bought at a garage sale. The non-smoking cabins are equipped with single and/or double beds with pillows, sheets and blankets; propane heaters; bug repellent dispensers; smoke and carbon monoxide detectors; and a kitchen with full size refrigerator, stove, microwave oven, toaster, coffee maker, pots and pans, cooking utensils, plates and silverware, dish detergent, and kitchen hand towels. All six cabins have hot and cold water with bathrooms that include shower, toilet and sink. The cabins contain framed art, metal artwork lamps, tapestries, and some have animal skin rugs and fish mounts to add to the feel of a wilderness cabin. The cabins have screened porches to enjoy the great views of Sandybeach Lake and of the grounds. No pets allowed (no exceptions).


    People were drawn to northwestern Ontario in the late 1800's, because of fur trading or to prospect for gold. Today, 80% of the gold mined in Canada is mined in this area. The Hudson Bay Fur Trading Company had a store in Dinorwic, across the road from the current Max's General Store located at Hwy 17 and Hwy 72. The train would drop passengers off in Dinorwic and they would walk up a trail called Turkey Trail (named because of turkey vultures) to Sandybeach Lake or at that time Big Sandy Lake. They would then take a barge across the lake to Blackface Portage Trail and make their way north. Pine Cliff Lodge is situated on property once owned by the manager of the Hudson Bay store. In 1920, the property was used by the Highway Department during the building of the road to the town of Sioux Lookout. You can still see impressions in the lawn where 20 horse stalls were located for the draft horses used in building the road. Horse shoes, hoof trimming tools, baling wire for hay, and other items have been found recently and are currently hanging on the barn as a reminder of the properties history.

    Bud and Rhett Stewart bought the property in 1948 and started building the lodge and cabins. They called their facility Big Sandy Camp. The cabins were built small, because most of their guests were loggers and gold miners who lived there year round and needed a cabin that could be easily warmed during the cold winters. We still get a few old timers stop by and tell us about spending a year or two in one of the cabins in the early fifties. Most of the fishermen in those early days were from Chicago. The property was again used by the Highway Department in 1967 when Hwy 72 was paved. Bud and Rhett's ashes were spread on Eagle island.

    John and Sandy Zintnicks bought the facility in 1980 and changed the name to Pine Cliff Camp. The facility became very run-down during their ownership.

    Richard and Kaylene Foley bought the facility in 1994 and changed the name to Pine Cliff Lodge. Their goal was to update the facility to make it "lady friendly", comfortable and modern; while leaving the original structures, so guests still experience the feel of an old-time Canadian vacation in an old log cabin. As soon as you pull into the entrance you notice the well maintained lawn and notice its owners have pride in ownership and want you to enjoy the beauty of the grounds and the wilderness experience at Sandybeach Lake. Guests from all over North America and occasionally elsewhere now make Pine Cliff their fishing vacation destination. Pine Cliff Lodge offers great trophy northern pike fishing and smallmouth bass fishing in Ontario, Canada. In 1996, they implemented a "catch and release" policy on trophy-size fish to improve the fishing and it worked!!! Be sure to view the Master Angler and Trophy Fish section of this website to see a list of the year's current big fish catches. Our sections on Northern Pike Fishing and Smallmouth Bass Fishing will give you the tips and information you need to catch a trophy at our Ontario fishing lodge. Pine Cliff Lodge is an Ontario fishing lodge at its finest and is currently one of the most successful fishing lodges in northwest Ontario as a result of the great fishing, quality boats, and the accommodations.

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