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pike fishing 

Late May – Mid June
    The short answer is, it depends. Our boat launch wasn't created for guests to bring their own boats, so it's a bit short and shallow. But we certainly the desire to fish with your own equipment. Let us know the size of your boat/motor and we'll do our best to accommodate. Rates are the same regardless of whether you use our boats or yours and, either way, 5 gallons of gas/day is included in your package.
    Late May High 67° F Low 44° F Early June High 70° F Low 48° F
    Due to the shallow fishing this time of year, bring lures that will not hang-up on the bottom. Make sure to bring some top-water lures with white or silver bottoms to imitate the smelt. Our favorite lure color is white, but fire tiger, fluorescent orange, chartreuse, blue, silver and gold all work well. Bunny leech flies Rabbit strip flies Mepps in-line spinner baits Johnson Silver Minnow weedless spoons Floating stick baits (like Rapala #18) Square Bill Crankbaits Texas-rigged soft plastics (3" to 5" flukes or grubs) Wire Leaders (6” to 12” length. 20# to 30# test) If you forget something, we’ve got you covered with our on-site tackle shop!
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