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Dear Richard and Kaylene;

Thanks again for another great week! Time Flies! This was our fifth annual trip and I must say that the boys, Don and even Jennifer were as excited as I have ever seen them to start our week of family fun, wonderful dinners, and great fishing! The weather was perfect, fishing was spectacular and it is always good to see old friends! We were also blessed to have our friends, the Walz family there at the same time and I know they had a fantastic time as well. Please feel free to post my comments and also share my contact information with those who may want a reference for Pine Cliff Lodge.

To give a little background: Our family loves to fish. We had taken a fishing vacation to Alaska many years ago and were disappointed by the accommodations. My wife was almost in tears as she saw the "cabin" we would spend the next week in. Let me tell you, this is not the way to start a vacation with your wife and (at the time) small sons.

Having been burned once, I was a bit skeptical when I met Richard at the Louisville Sports, Boat, and Vacation show and he started telling me about Pine Cliff's accommodations, boats , great fishing, Pine Cliff was the only lodge on the lake, etc. etc. I even went home and talked to a family friend who had been to Canada fishing dozens of times. His comments were something like; "this guy is telling you he has the only lodge on a 10,000 acre lake. He has big boats with electric start Yamaha engines, and trolling motors, his cabins are clean and grounds well maintained and fishing is great……SURE….. Jeff, you need to check this guy out because it sounds too good to be true. AND, if this guy has what he says he does, I want to go with you guys next year". Therefore, I called a few of the references and got the same story each time…..Richard was shooting me straight. We placed our deposit for the summer and were set to go. As our vacation got closer, I became more worried, what if the cabins were like those in Alaska – my wife would kill me, what if the fishing stunk – my boys would kill me.

We pulled into the driveway, met Richard and Kaylene and had a nice introduction to the boats, the lake, meals, fishing, etc. Richard took his time explaining how to fish for Pike and Smallmouth then showed us our cabin. We were very pleased. Everything was clean, beds were comfortable and clean, and the cabin was clean and even smelled fresh. Fishing that week was good and the meals were fantastic. We all had a great time!

The next year we vacationed at Pine Cliff, as did my friend who said "I'll go next year if Pine Cliff is as promised". I also recommended Pine Cliff to another friend and neighbor and he liked it so much he booked a second trip 2 WEEKS after he got back from the first trip and now goes at least once each year.

The advice I would give to anyone considering a trip to Canada is to do your homework, check references, and if Ontario is a desired fishing destination, book your stay at Pine Cliff as early as possible. They fill up fast (but don't take my week!).

Jeff, Jennifer, Eric and Adam Klingeman - 08/11/2011
Goshen, Kentucky

For over twenty five years we (a group of 6 guys) had traveled most of upper Ontario looking for a great camp with consistently good fishing. Many times we thought we had found it only to be disappointed by the fishing or the camp owners or the food. Well, our search ended the day we found Pine Cliff Lodge and Kaylene and Richard. First and foremost, their lodge is exactly as they tell you it is. Second, they go beyond the ordinary to provide you with all you need to love your trip: great food, clean and comfortable cabins and generally terrific fishing. Richard takes the time to "educate" you about fishing the lake and using his first class boats and motors. Kaylene prepares what can only be described as gourmet meals at a fishing camp.

There are only a few words that accurately tell you about Pine Cliff Lodge: professionally run, clean and comfortable, with owners who take as much pride in your fishing success as they do in having your business. At Pine Cliff, it's like coming home.

Fred Shadrick - 05/28/2011
Troy, Michigan

Allow me to tell you a little story about my experience fishing in Canada, and specifically at Pine Cliff Lodge. When I was 12 years old I went fishing somewhere in Canada with my grandfather and grandmother. We caught mostly Pike, but I remember catching a few Walleye and Bass. The biggest Pike that I caught was 12 pounds, but I remember that my grandmother caught the largest Pike at 15 ¾ pounds. Both my grandparents have been gone for a while now, but I had very fond memories of that trip for 40 years. About this time of year in early 2008, (40 years after my first trip to Canada) I was at the Louisville Boat, RV, and Vacation show with my wife and our dear friends Rick and Connie. I do almost all of my fishing and hunting with Rick, and we own a 174 acre farm together. We met Richard and Kaylene at their booth during the show, and we talked a little bit about wanting to go on a fishing trip to Canada. We gave it some thought, but we were a little afraid to commit to somewhere without a quality referral.

A few weeks after the Boat Show, was the Jim Strader Outdoorsman/Hunting show here in Louisville. Naturally, Rick and I attended. Richard and Kaylene happened to be there too! I did not recognize them at first, but Kaylene recognized us. A friend of Rick's that owns a lake house next to him at Nolin Lake here in KY happened to be talking with Richard and Kaylene as we walked up. He had been to Pine Cliff Lodge the year before and gave us a rave review! That was all we needed to take the plunge. We went with our wives for the last few days in July and first few days in August. We did not sign up for the Meal Plan, because there were four of us to share cooking. We cooked on the grill and had fish, steaks, burgers, etc. We only went for 4 ½ days 5 nights on that trip. My wife does not fish, so she read and mostly watched me acting like a little kid (I was 52 at the time). Connie fished about half the time with Rick, and the rest of the time the girls relaxed and Rick and I fished together. We had an absolute ball! The girls enjoyed the trip, but more as a vacation than a fishing trip. Driving home after the trip, the girls watched DVD's and gabbed in the back seat while Rick and I sat up front and drove and chatted. About half way home, I asked Rick if he was ready to go back again. He said that we needed to schedule a week long trip for next year. I said no…I mean are you ready to go back again soon. We went back for another week the third week of August about 18 days after we got home from the first trip! I think that tells you a little of what I think of Pine Cliff Lodge and Richard and Kaylene!

On the second trip, we signed up for the Evening Meal Plan. That's definitely the way to go. You won't find better food and huge portions at any restaurant anywhere! The feature has to be the Porterhouse T-Bone, but everything is fabulous! We went back again in August 2009, and we're going back again in August 2010. We have caught a pile of fish each time and we've learned more about the lake each time. Take a few minutes to look at their website. They have great photos of some of the fish caught recently. I managed to get a photo of my August 2009 41 ½ inch 25 pound Pike in the 2009 Photo Gallery.

The cabins are neat and clean and supplied with just about everything you need. Richard and Kaylene's website does a good job telling you what you need to bring. The cabins range in size depending on how many are in your group. The cabins have bathrooms with showers, toilet, sink and hot and cold water. There are no TV's and there is NO cell phone service. There is a pay phone that you can buy an inexpensive phone card for. The boats are well equipped with large nets, vests, wrist remote controlled trolling motors, live well, and very dependable Yamaha motors. You can fish 3 to a boat, but we prefer just 2 fishermen to a boat. The lake is about 7 to 8 miles long by 3 to 4 miles wide. Richard has the hazard areas well marked.

I can't think of anything to add except that I wish I was going to Pine Cliff Lodge TODAY! Richard and Kaylene are great people and they really try hard to make your fishing trip special. If there are any specific questions that you have, I'd be glad to do my best to answer them. Hope this helps with your decision…you can't beat Pine Cliff Lodge!

Bob Savko - 01/28/2010

My first trip to Pine Cliff was in 1998 with my son. I had promised him a fly-in as a graduation present. I met Richard at a sport's show and was convinced that Pine Cliff had all the remoteness of a fly-in, yet I could drive to it and save quite a few bucks. I do not cook much so I was also glad I could get a meal plan! I have been there 9 times since then, the latest this past summer. We have enjoyed every year and I have two buddies that now also make the trip with us and enjoy it immensely. All 4 of us are going up again this summer. It is a Northern, Smallmouth, and Lake Trout lake. No walleye at all. We have kept busy with the Northern and depending on the time of year, smallmouth. We have usually gone mid to late August and have tried our luck over Labor Day. The biggest Northern seem to be early and late in the season with the best Smallmouth probably July and early August. I am assuming you have seen the website. The pictures and the Master Angler list are definitely legit. I think my group has a few pictures in there. None of us spend much time on the water other than our annual trip to Pine Cliff, yet we always get good numbers of Northern and almost always very good size. We are going a little earlier this year to try our hand at more smallies. They are a lot of fun. I especially enjoy sight fishing over the rocks for them. The boats have downriggers on them so if you are inclined to try for lakers you are set as well. I do not know if there is a better time for them as we have only looked for them once.

I am convinced the catch and release program has made the number of trophies increase in numbers and size year after year. Richard will mark the map when you get there and give advice on trolling depth and speed. We have done well heeding his suggestions as well as finding similar areas on our own. Casting also works great when we find areas that seem to be holding fish or just tire of trolling. We have used large crank baits (Rapala's), big Mepps of all types, and even some top water jerk baits. Guys last year had the new big soft bodied baits and were getting some on them as well.

The accommodations are very nice. Richard and Kaylene have plowed money back in to the place and I have witnessed their improvements every year. The cabins are comfortable with clean modern showers, etc. and heat should you need it. The boats and motors are reliable and have the power to get you to the South end of the lake in good time (where we usually start our day) or scurry in ahead of a storm when necessary. We rarely see more than 2 or 3 boats at any one time on any area of the lake we are fishing. This is feature I like, as it really becomes a great getaway from work etc. Only problem we have is that the week ends too quickly.

I know I am being longwinded, but I MUST mention the food. Kaylene is a fantastic cook and we have yet to figure out how Richard gets the steaks done to perfection and brought to the table serving us all together. I would definitely suggest the evening meal plan, we do just fine making do with water or pop, and breakfast bars, etc. during the day and saving up for the evening meal. The entrée portions are amazing with the salads, veggies, etc. all served family style. There is always more than enough for everyone. I always find some way to leave room for her great deserts as well, though some just take it back to their cabin. The lodge seating is comfortable and we have always had good folks joining us for good conversations and stories of the days' conquest. Some guys cook for themselves and the cabins are well equipped with pots, pans, etc. with a stove, microwave, and coffee maker.

As you can tell, I greatly look forward to my annual trip to Pine Cliff. I highly recommend the lodge, especially if you enjoy fishing Northern and Smallies.

Hope this is helpful let me know if you have more questions. - Good Fishing!

Andy Moore - 01/29/2010

When I was 12 years old, my dad took me to Canada fishing for northern pike. I was hooked the first day. I made him fish about 20 hours a day for that first trip that only lasted three days. We then made regular trips always looking for a place that had great fishing, great food and great accommodations. We just could never find all three in the same lodge. Then when my son was 9, my dad and I had to get serious about finding a good place since it was time to make the first three-generation trip. That was the year we met Richard and Kaylene, back in 1998.

The fishing is outstanding. It gets better every year. I do not hear customers of other lodges making the same comments. Richard and Kaylene, with the catch and release and trophy fish program, have created a fishery that is unbelievable. The boats, equipment and Richards's comments and recommendations on current conditions and fishing patterns means you get on the lake and start catching fish right away. It is a very large lake and really private, so his guidance gives you patterns and locations that make you successful right from the start.

The cabins are very well maintained and fully stocked with all your cooking, utensil and dinnerware needs. The bathrooms are modern and roomy. Richard and Kaylene continuously upgrade the cabins, the grounds and the amenities. It is immediately obvious when you arrive that they do what they do because they love it. They pour their heart and soul into this place and have made it very special to many people.

Then there is the food. The meals are outstanding and served family style. Kaylene's cooking and Richard's stories around the supper table make for life long memories. After a long day of fishing, going to the lodge for hickory smoked pork chops, BBQ ribs, steaks and huge Cornish game hens amongst others that will fill you up so you sleep like a baby.

Sadly I lost my father in 2008. He had brought 5 of his 8 grandchildren to Pine Cliff to meet Richard and Kaylene. I will bring the others when they are old enough. My three kids and I spread some of his ashes near his favorite fishing spot and put a sign up to mark the spot. If you make a trip to Pine Cliff (which everyone should at least once in their life) stop by "Grampa Dick Point" and say hi. He would really appreciate that.

I will have made 18 trips in the past 12 years to Pine cliff at the end of this season. I have 4 trips planned for next season. I am truly blessed that I have the ability to spend time at Pine Cliff with Richard and Kaylene every year.

If you want to go to a world class Canadian Fishing and Hunting Lodge, Pine Cliff will never disappoint you. If you would like to contact me personally, Richard and Kaylene can give you my contact information and I would love to talk with you about anything. If we happen to be there at the same time, say hi and lets share some fishing stories.

Todd Sarnstrom – 08/11/10

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